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Do you remember when you ventured off to a new school for the first time? Whether it was Preschool, Elementary, Middle School or High School? You likely had first day jitters. You may have been nervous about what classes and teachers you would have.

Wouldnít it have been great to have a trusted advisor to help ease your nerves and answer your questions before you stepped foot on campus?

Thatís what Education Consulting Associates is here to do. You have someone who can explain the process of finding a course that is right for you and applying for your benefits as well as what to expect with your program.

You donít want to start something then realize you made a mistake and try to fix it on your own later. You donít need a salesperson to treat you like just another registration. You need a specialist, a consultant that can answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable about your decision to further your education.

Many companies say it. How many actually follow through and do it? When was the last time you could sincerely say that you dealt with someone who not only met your every need, but did so in a way that made you confident in your choice?

Education Consulting Associates was formed out of a desire to be different. We feel there has been a void out there and we are, little by little, filling it one student at a time. While it may feel old-fashioned to treat others how you want to be treated, itís right and it works.

Our experience has shown that if you follow a few basic practices, we can help you find the best quality on-line continuing education courses that are affordable, easy to use, and just right for you. We take pleasure in offering a little something else Ė personalized attention.

We have formed strong relationships as a result of our choice to put others first and foremost. Our humility and expertise give us what is required to keep thriving in a challenging economy.

There are many companies that offer courses and programs geared to help you succeed. Your education and career goals are major decisions, and we donít want you to have any regrets. We will do all the searching to find a broad selection of great courses that are just right for you. Let us assist you through the process.

We are right here, waiting for your call.

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