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At ECA we have brought education and career training to thousands who otherwise wouldn't have had access because of geographic limitations or time restraints. We have partnered with major universities to bring these programs to their current and prospective students. Because of the great success our online career training programs have had at the university level, we are now partnering with high schools throughout the country.

We have a two pronged approach when partnering with schools to implement our college and career readiness programs.

The first approach is to work with college bound students who are looking to confirm their interest in a specific field of study. About 80 percent of students in the United States end up changing their major at least once, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. This is adding major financial stress on the student and economy as a whole. By allowing students to access career training while still in high school, we give college bound students the experience to make more informed decisions when entering a major. Our career training program provide students with the opportunity to begin a career in their field of study prior to completing their degree. ECA programs enhance college and career readiness while also giving students a competitive edge among their college peers.

The second approach is helping students who are not college bound. This can be either the student who does not have funding to further their education, or those who are not academically inclined to do so. Right now, most students who fall into this category are completing the same curricula as their college bound peers. With a lack of career exploration opportunities and career training at the high school level, these students do not graduate equipped to enter the job market. ECA's training programs support career readiness by preparing students for national certification and higher paying careers within their field.

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We offer a turnkey solution for high schools and their student body. This includes but is not limited to:

A Secured Student Portal
Coordination of National Certification Exams
Creative Delivery Solutions
Assistance in Externships (if applicable)
Technology Support
Student Support
Student Progress Reports
Please contact us for more information and a customized proposal for your school.
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