Workforce Training

As the global market evolves, so do the skills needed to maintain and grow a business. Rapid advances in technology have increased the business costs associated with developing employees and have made it difficult for businesses to fulfill and anticipate their skill needs. Businesses need consistency across their organization but can't afford to invest in training programs that are inefficient and quickly outdated.

ECA workforce training provides a fast, cost-effective way to train new talent, develop existing employees, and ensure a company's competitive edge in the market. Our adaptive e-learning technology minimizes time to competency while empowering businesses to simultaneously train a larger network of employees. ECA helps businesses identify and customize work based-skills to close existing skill gaps within the organization. Utilizing our e-learning technology allows businesses to streamline organizational goals and requirements while increasing the skills and retention of employees.

How It Works

Work with an ECA consultant to examine industry standards and identify work-based skills needed by your business.

Customize your company's employee training by choosing from over 350 courses in our career and professional development catalogs.

Employees enroll in our online courses and upon successful completion receive a certificate from your business or one of our university partners.

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