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Course Code: AU-BMPPM
Program Duration: 3 Months
Tuition: $1,749.99
Mentor Supported: Yes
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Course Overview

Management issues are fundamental to any organization: How do we plan to get things done, organize the company to be efficient and effective, lead and motivate employees, and put controls in place to make sure our plans are followed and our goals are met Good management is basic to starting a business, growing a business, and maintaining a business once it has achieved some measure of success. This Business Management course will help you understand how to be a better manager through planning, decision making, motivating, leading, and communicating more effectively.

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Program Objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to:
Comprehend the strategies and requirements for business management
Identify ways for managing the environment and international business
Identify the qualities of adaptive organizations and the benefits they see
Identify methods for planning and maintaining quality control
Comprehend good leadership practices and the different leadership styles
Business Management Module 1 Overview of Management
• Management Functions
• Kinds of Managers
• Managerial Roles
• What Companies Look for in Managers
• Mistakes Managers Make
• Origins of Management
• Scientific Management
• Human Relations Management
• Bureaucratic and Administrative Management
• Operations, Information, Systems and Contingency Management
Business Management Module 2 Organizational Environments and Responsibility
• Changing Environments
• General Environment
• Specific Environment
• Organizational Cultures
• Ethical Decision Making
• Workplace Deviance
• To Whom Are Organizations Socially Responsible?
• Social Responsibility
• Economic Performance
• Codes of Ethics
Business Management Module 3 Planning and Organizational Strategy
• Benefits and Pitfalls of Planning
• How to Make a Plan That Works
• Planning From Top to Bottom
• Steps and Limits to Rational Decision Making
• Using Groups to Improve Decision Making
• Sustainable Competitive Advantage
• Strategy-Making Process
• Industry-Level Strategies
• Firm-Level Strategies
Business Management Module 4 Innovation and Global Management
• Why Innovation Matters
• Managing Innovation
• Organizational Decline: The Risk of Not Changing
• Managing Change
• Global Business, Trade Rules and Agreements
• Consistency or Adaptation?
• Forms of Global Business
• Finding the Best Business Climate
• Becoming Aware of Cultural Differences
Business Management Module 5 Adaptive Organizations and Managing Teams
• Departmentalization
• Organizational Authority
• Job Design
• Intraorganizational Processes
• Interorganzational Processes
• The Good and Bad of Using Teams
• Kinds of Teams
• Work Team Characteristics
• Enhancing Work Team Effectiveness
Business Management Module 6 Managing Human Resources and Individuals
• Employment Legislation
• Recruiting
• Selection Training
• Performance Appraisal
• Compensation and Employee Separation
• Diversity Differences That Matter
• Surface-Level Diversity
• Deep-Level Diversity
• Managing Diversity
Business Management Module 7 Motivation and Leadership
• Basics of Motivation
• Equity Theory
• Expectancy Theory
• Reinforcement Theory
• Goal-Setting Theory
• Motivating with the Integrated Model
• Leaders versus Managers
• Who Leaders Are and What Leaders Do
• Putting Leaders in the Right Situation
• Adapting Leader Behavior
• Visionary Leadership
Business Management Module 8 Managing Communication and Control
• Perception and Communication Problems
• Kinds of Communication
• Managing One-on-One Communication
• Managing Organization-Wide Communication
• The Control Process
• Control Methods
• What to Control?
Business Management Module 9 Managing Information and Operations
• Strategic Importance of Information
• Characteristics and Costs of Useful Information
• Capturing, Processing and Protecting Information
• Accessing and Sharing Information and Knowledge
• Productivity
• Quality
• Service Operations
• Manufacturing Operations
• Inventory
All materials are included in this course.

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What is difference between a certificate and a certification?

By successfully completing a course through one of our college or university partners the student is awarded a Certificate of Completion from the institution. If there is a state or national exam that the course is preparing a student for, the proper certifying body will be indicated and that association will proctor and award any type of certification. This is the student’s responsibility, although ECA is here to help guide our students in the right direction.

Does this course translate in to college credit?

Through our college and university partners, ECA offers non-credit certificate programs.

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Access will begin on your start date and end on your end date unless otherwise specified. If you are falling behind in your course please contact an Education Consultant to talk about your options.

When are the course start dates?

The course start dates are determined by the student due to open-enrollment.

Is the Certification exam included in the course?

The certification exam is not included in the cost of the course unless otherwise specified in the course education and training plan.

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