Gunsmithing Course 1

Course Information

Program Duration: 4 Months
Tuition: $1,400.00
Course Level: Advanced
Mentor Supported: Yes
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Course Overview

A gunsmith is responsible for the construction, maintenance and repair of firearms. Gunsmithing as a career involves a wide array of skills, including metalworking, wood crafting, mechanical expertise and a knowledge of science and mathematics. Guns are designed to exacting tolerances and precise measurements, which requires gunsmiths to be proficient in precision metalworking and woodcraft skills. Knowledge of gun safety and of how to operate power and hand tools safely are also important factors for any gunsmith. Our Gunsmithing Course 1 program introduces students to firearm fundamentals and types, as well as, the tools required to repair firearms. Students will learn how to clean and store firearms and will be introduced to the design and application of sights, the methods to make firearms more accurate, and black powder gunsmithing. Also included in our Gunsmithing Course 1 program is discussion on the methods used to troubleshoot and repair firearms and instructions on converting military rifles to sport and hunting rifles. Did you know that most faults in the operation of firearms are simple and easily corrected The proper cleaning of firearms will ensure accuracy, good working order, and a long-lasting gun finish. If shooters keep their guns in first-class condition at all times, they can expect the guns to function properly and last several lifetimes.

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Program Objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to:

Define the rules every gunsmith will need for safe firearms handling

Identify how different types of guns work and the basic and specialty tools required for professional gunsmithing

Identify the basic procedure for cleaning firearms and be familiar with the sight hood and front beads in various conditions

Identify the problems caused by dry firing a cap lock rifle and formula for black powder

Identify the causes of misfires and feeding issues and the proper procedures for retaining their functionality


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The certification exam is not included in the cost of the course unless otherwise specified in the course education and training plan.

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