Business Communication Professional Certificate Program

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Course Code: MYCAA-B-COMM
Program Duration: 6 Months
Course Level: Advanced
Mentor Supported: Yes

Course Overview

Whether in writing or speaking, effective communication is a must for business managers at all levels as well as those seeking promotion into higher ranks. Students will learn the fundamental strategies behind effective business communication alongside potential barriers that may inhibit these efforts. Students will be introduced to technology that will facilitate their communication efforts, gain insight into effective oral presentations as well as visual aids that can help in these efforts.

This program will also ensure students learn to write faster without sacrificing clarity making sure they can avoid common errors, resolve issues effectively and increase credibility overall by communicating exactly what they mean to their audience without all the extraneous, unnecessary material. Participants will also learn effective strategies to revise and fine-tune every kind of business document to convey the exact meaning they intend in the most effective way possible. For those students looking at a career in sales or any client-facing position, the business communication course is a must, but it s also a great tool for anyone getting started in an office environment to have a mastery of these skills.

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Course Description

The Business Communication Professional program provides students the basic competencies involved in effective communication and team work between those at the very top of a company through to middle management, first-line supervision and line workers. Clear and concise communication is a must for todays fast-paced business world. Business professionals require the ability to communicate efficiently and effectively on a range of complex subjects. Communication between staff and management, with clients and prospective clients, requires the utmost clarity to ensure expectations are met and decisions can be made on the basis of accurate information. Without effective communication skills, both menial tasks and strategic business decisions can result in costly mistakes for any organization. Moreover, effective business communication can mean the difference between closing a deal with a prospective client or losing their business altogether.

Program Objectives

At the conclusion of this program, students will be able to:

Evaluate elements of effective business communication

Explain barriers that can create ineffective communication

Analyze ethical issues related to communication

Examine how technology has impacted business communications

Explain the importance of intercultural communication in the business setting

Use the English language appropriately in business communications

Write an effective business message

Develop effective visual aids for a business proposal

Prepare an oral presentation

Create a resume, application letter, and follow-up messages

Define communication

Describe effective listening skills

Deliver a clear message to listeners

Use appropriate questions in communicating with others

Explain why communication is important in helping people learn

Identify best practices for delivering successful presentations

Use effective business writing skills

Identify the correct audience and purpose for business communication

Organize topics for business communication

Identify the types of business writing

Describe correct sentence structure

Use appropriate language in business communication

Explain the elements of direct and forceful writing

Describe revising and editing techniques

Use Microsoft Office

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MyCAA Approved
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