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Course Level: Advanced
Mentor Supported: Yes
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Course Overview

The availability of clean, renewable power is without question going to be the defining challenge and goal of the 21st century, and wind will lead the way. Wind power can realistically not only replace the lions share of oil, coal, and natural gas fired electrical plants in the U.S., but also can add enough extra power capacity to allow for most of the cars in the nation to run on electricity.

This Wind Energy Professional course is designed specifically with technicians in mind! Our course covers all aspects of installing and troubleshooting wind turbines, giving technicians the knowledge they need to handle even complex maintenance tasks. This course explains how wind turbine blades harvest wind energy, and how generators convert shaft turning energy into electricity. It shows how electrical and hydraulic systems control the speed of wind turbine blades, energizing blade pitch and yaw position controls. Mechanical subjects such as gears, transmissions and gearboxes are discussed in detail.

Some additional course features include:

Comprehensive, in-depth coverage including wind turbine installation and troubleshooting, towers, blades, generators, control, and much more

History, background, trends, and demand projections. Provides the context needed to understand the growing role of wind energy

Coverage of all parts of vertical and horizontal wind turbines including small, medium, and large wind turbines

Essential electrical coverage including basic electricity theory, magnetism, motors, generators, PLC controls, and the electrical grid

Extensive discussion of mechanical topics

Towers, tower designs, and safety- walks through the advantages and disadvantages of each type of tower, discusses the principles of safe tower design and construction, and explains nacelle installation

Integration of wind-generated electricity into the grid

Heating water with the sun is a practice almost as old as humankind itself. This Solar Water Heating Specialist course is a guide to this clean and cost-effective technology.

Beginning with a review of the history of solar water and space heating systems from prehistory to the present, this course presents an introduction to modern solar energy systems, energy conservation, and energy economics.

This course covers:

Types of solar collectors, solar water, and space heating systems and solar pool heating systems, including their advantages and disadvantages

System components, their installation, operation, and maintenance

System sizing and siting

Choosing the appropriate system

This course also focuses on the financial aspects of solar water or space heating systems, clearly showing that such systems generate significant savings in the long run.

In this Biofuel Production Specialist course you will learn the principal fuels derived from recently decayed biological materials, the methods by which they are produced, and their uses in transportation and in electricity production. The course discusses the implications of large-scale biofuel use on the environment and on the economy, with special considerations given to its effects on the price of food.

The Biofuel Production Specialist course covers the use and conversion technologies of biomass as a renewable resource to produce bioenergy in a sustainable way, mainly in the form of liquid and gaseous biofuels. We give you a broad overview of biofuel development from both a technical and an economical angle. The different production technologies for biofuels that exist or are under development are extensively covered in depth, dealing with both first generation as well as second generation technologies.

Our Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Associate course provides the foundational concepts and standards for the residential, commercial and institutional green building industry. This course prepares students to sit for the LEED Green Associate exam and forms the foundation for a career as a LEED Professional. Course content covers green building core concepts and strategies, sustainable thinking and implementation, LEED standards and rating systems, and an overview of the LEED Green Associate credentialing exam.

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Course Description

This training program combines a four course training track:

Wind Energy Professional

Solar Water Heating Specialist

Bio Fuel Production Specialist

Leed Green Associate

Program Objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to:

Comprehend the core elements of wind energy

Identify features of wind turbine technology

Identify wind turbine classifications and specifications

Identify components of wind turbines and generators

Identify the steps for installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting

Define the core elements of solar water heating

Identify various solar heating systems

Identify the steps involved in choosing the right system

Identify the steps to install and operate a solar heating system

Identify the steps to maintain a solar heating system

Define the nature and history of biofuels

Identify core elements of biofuel technologies

Identify environmental and policy considerations

Compare the different bio-energy sources

Comprehend steps in biofuel processing

Comprehend the principles of the U.S. Green Building Council and LEED standards and ratings

Identify strategies for efficiently using energy, water, and other resources in the building industry

Identify methods for promoting occupant health and productivity in indoor environment design

Identify principles for reducing waste, pollution, and environmental degradation in the building industry

Comprehend the principles of sustainable thinking, iterative and innovative design, and the implementation process

Job Outlook

According to the report detailed by Bloomberg, 36,600 technical employees will be involved in the U.S. solar industry in 2020, representing an increase of about 24 percent since 2010. The wind sector, in contrast, will only grow to 27,700 jobs, roughly 14 percent. Solar energy is steadily becoming a major player across the country, as 3.9 GW of panels are expected to be installed in 2013.


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By successfully completing a course through one of our college or university partners the student is awarded a Certificate of Completion from the institution. If there is a state or national exam that the course is preparing a student for, the proper certifying body will be indicated and that association will proctor and award any type of certification. This is the student’s responsibility, although ECA is here to help guide our students in the right direction.

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Through our college and university partners, ECA offers non-credit certificate programs.

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When are the course start dates?

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Is the Certification exam included in the course?

The certification exam is not included in the cost of the course unless otherwise specified in the course education and training plan.

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