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Automotive Service Management provides coverage across a wide range of topics that are critically important in the fast-paced, complex world of automotive service management. Exploring over 30 different topics, real-life examples help reinforce key points and concepts. Designed for those in training to enter the automotive service industry, this text also provides sufficient depth and breadth of c... More
This Automotive Technician (ASE) series covers automotive theory and the service and repair of various systems of the automobile. This course prepares students for a successful career as an Automotive Technician by outlining the automotive industry, the role of the Automotive Technician, and steps for diagnosing and servicing all automobile systems. Learn necessary knowledge to gain employment in ... More
This training program combines a two course training track:Automotive Technician (ASE)Automotive Technician Exam PrepThe automotive industry has a great demand for qualified technicians who complete automotive training programs. Job openings for automotive technicians are expected to be plentiful in the coming years. Our Automotive Technician Associate program can help you prepare for a successful... More
A gunsmith is responsible for the construction, maintenance and repair of firearms. Gunsmithing as a career involves a wide array of skills, including metalworking, wood crafting, mechanical expertise and a knowledge of science and mathematics. Guns are designed to exacting tolerances and precise measurements, which requires gunsmiths to be proficient in precision metalworking and woodcraft skills... More
Are you creative and meticulous Building, restoring, and customizing firearms takes time and uses various procedures and operations to custom fit a shotgun, as well as make parts for firearms when no parts are available. In part two of our Gunsmithing program, students will learn how to distinguish between selections of wood to be used for gunstock, as well as, design and choose the layout of the ... More
Every gunsmith needs to know about ballistics so they can understand the pressure created in the chamber of a firearm. By the same token, every shooter should know ballistics so they can adjust their sighting for different ranges. Reloading your own ammunition will save you money and allow you to create ammunition, which will achieve maximum performance in your firearms. In our final Gunsmithing c... More
Our HVAC Customer Service course provides strategies and techniques required to deliver superior customer service. Content explores methods for communicating effectively with the customer and solving problems. Current and future HVAC Technicians will learn phone and email etiquette, common courtesy, and step-by-step approaches to fast and professional HVAC customer service solutions. ... More
The HVAC/R Technician course is comprised of 3 separate programs to ensure all students are fully prepared to become NATE Certified in HVAC/R. Our HVAC/R Technician 1: Fundamentals and Refrigeration course has a clear-cut vision of necessary knowledge to gain employment in the HVAC/R industry. This HVAC/R Technician course provides comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of the HVAC/R industry ... More
This training program combines a three course training track:HVAC/R TechnicianHVAC Customer ServiceNATE Certification Exam PrepThe HVAC/R Technician Specialist program offers an opportunity for students to learn the skills necessary to enter the field of heating, cooling and refrigeration while also exploring methods for communicating effectively with the customer and solving problems. As the indu... More
Our Medium/Heavy Diesel Automotive Technician three-part course series covers industry trends and current technology to provide an in-depth guide to highway diesel engines and their management. This series prepares entry-level and experienced technicians alike for a successful career as a Medium/Heavy Diesel Automotive Technician by outlining the role of the truck technician, industry tools and st... More
Our Medium/Heavy Diesel Automotive Technician Associate program will prepare students to sit for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) T1-T8 certification exams while also covering industry trends and an in depth guide to highway diesel engines and their management.... More
Start your career as a Motorcycle Technician with this comprehensive course covering the latest content on motorcycle models and technology. Gain detailed information on fuel injection, suspension systems, V-engine technology and more. As a bonus, ATV service and repair is also included because of the similarities in technology. This course provides the knowledge and skills to succeed in today's m... More
Get the skills and knowledge to become a Professional Gunsmith with our complete Gunsmithing Program. Learn Gunsmith skills such as gun repair, gun customization, antique gun restoration and ammunition customization. Our program is convenient, affordable, and self-paced. This program can be done entirely from home.Our three level Gunsmithing Program, INCLUDES over 0.00 worth of Gunsmithing tool... More
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